Benefits of Practicing Karate

Why do Karate?

For those that practice true karate-do or the ‘way of the empty hand’, karate is much more than a Japanese fighting art, it is a way of life! 

There are more than 40 million exponents worldwide practicing this martial art and for good reason. While it an incredibly effective method of self-defence, karate is really a journey towards complete harmony of body, mind and spirit with numerous holistic benefits. 

So what are the benefits of karate?

Self-defence is a key benefit of karate, and particularly in a society such as South Africa where violent crime is so rife, it’s never too early (or too late) to learn to protect oneself. That said, the benefits of karate are far more wide-reaching and if taught and trained correctly, encompass the following:

·     Physical - karate trains one to become faster, stronger, more agile and more flexible.

·     Mental - it enhances cognitive abilities, improving focus, concentration, processing speed and reaction time. 

·     Spiritual – the value system and training methods inherent in karate-do develop character, teach self-control and advance one's existence to a space of calm and elevated awareness.

·     Life-skills – karate teaches discipline, determination and confidence, instilling a strong sense of self-belief while retaining humility.

Bear in mind these benefits apply to all that do karate and it’s never too late to start! It is also a great bonding experience to practice this art with your kids.

Good luck on your karate journey!

Shane Dorfman