Don't miss the opportunity to train at Dorfman Karate, South Africa's pre-eminent karate group, either in Parktown North with the Assistant Chief Instructor KWF (Worldwide), Chief Instructor of KWF-SA, Chief Instructor of Budo Karate International, and Africa & Asia Regional Director of World Shotokan Karatedo Association - 9th Dan Malcolm Shihan; or in Norwood & Highlands North with 8-time world karate champion, former South African Protea captain, Japanese certified A-grade instructor, Assistant Chief Instructor KWF-SA and Member of KWF Supreme Master Panel  - 7th Dan Dr Shane Dorfman Sensei.

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2017 Dorfman Karate Dojo Report

2017 Dorfman Karate Dojo Report

Dorfman Karate Shoots the Lights Out at 2017 KWF SA Championship

2017 KWF SA BUDO YOUTH & CHILDREN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP   Dorfman Dojo: 61 categories – 78 medallists (28 Gold, 21 Silver, 29 Bronze)     GOLD MEDALS 1 Daniel Hermann MALE KIHON IPPON KUMITE (born...


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