Choosing the Right Dojo

Choosing the right dojo and right sensei is paramount. The benefits of karate can be profound – but only if taught correctly.

It is imperative that authentic karate is taught at your chosen dojo and that the sensei has the requisite experience and level both as a karate-ka himself and with respect to his teaching.

Look for classes that are uniquely structured to cater for the abilities of little kids, ensuring they are nurtured in a fun environment but still develop and practice karate rather than just play games. Older kids need a dojo that understands the need to increase the pace appropriately, accounting for the age-related changes they undergo. It also generally works better if classes are age-specific rather than amalgamating kiddies (4-6 year olds) together with the older kids, allowing for the above.

Adults should train in an environment that fosters growth and challenges the exponent to constantly become better and do better. Key to this are senior members who do not train with ego, but are willing to transfer knowledge.

My best advice to you is don’t just opt for convenience and join a particular karate club, because it happens to be taught at your child’s school, is closest or cheapest. In order to reap the greatest benefits from karate, whether for yourself or your child, look carefully at the credentials of the chief instructor and long-term history and achievements of the dojo.

We are happy to assist with any further questions you may have and look forward to seeing you in the dojo!